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I can observe and describe a work of art in reference to its place in history.
I can see the connection between art, history and culture.

Artist: John Brett. 1831-1902

I can discuss a work of work of art based on its elements and principles of design.

I can understand the relationship between personal experiences and the development of a work of art.
Mask Plan

First I plan on making my mask and sanding it down. After that I plan on putting plaster on it to make it smooth. I want to paint a heart over the nose. Then attach a road to the center of the heart. Making it look like the road is coming out of the heart. I want to have a Grim Reaper behind the mask. It will not be in details because it will have a hood over it. I want the arms to come around and make it look like it is grabbing the heart. The background of the mask will be painted in a light sunset way.


Mask Reflection

My idea for the mask project was fears. Each element of my mask represented a different fear. Mostly I am the only person who could tell you what each of elements are. Some people will go for what they think is obvious, but they are usually wrong. I chose this theme hoping it would help me over come my fears. Sometimes by facing things you are afraid of it helps you get over them.
This was a long process. My first problem that I encountered was not having what I want. Once I got the materials that I needed to finish it I was having problems with figuring out how to make it happen. What I was trying to do just wasn’t working with my mask. Like making the road. That was rather difficult and maybe with some paint it will look like a road, but I highly doubt it. I also had problems with making the hands and arms. I couldn’t find a way to attach my grim reaper to the backside of my mask.
I am very frustrated with my final project. It did not even turn out at all. I didn’t get the chance to finish it. I got very frustrated and tried working on the window that I was going to attach it to. This only put me further behind. If I had time to go in and fix it I really would. I would work a lot harder and maybe get some more help with Mrs. Ruggles.

Artist study reflection-

I chose John Brett because I enjoy his work. It is so well done. He tries to make his paintings look realistic and he captures of detail. His closeness to detail amazes me.
I get frustrated about making my replications of Brett’s artwork. It was difficult to do the black and white version. Brett’s work is so dream like that everything is mostly light. It can kind of give the affect of being faded.
My final project was not that mad. I would work a little harder on getting the different shades. I am overall pleased with how they turned out. I am just upset that my line drawing got smudged.