I can use my art skills to solve problems.
I can purposefully communicate my ideas through my artwork.

I can discuss a work of work of art based on its elements and principles of design.

The reason why I chose this piece of art was because I loved the mystery of the glass on top of the umbrella. I think that out of all the pieces that I have made, the value study ended up being my favorite and most successful. The value study took me the longest and turned out the best. My least successful piece that I did was the shape and size with the tissue paper. I didn’t take very much time on it and it showed in the end.
After studying and experiencing Rene Magritte’s art piece myself, it has made me completely change my way at how I look at art. I use to think that I couldn’t draw, paint, or that I was even capable of creating a decent piece of art. Now I look at what I have recreated and I can say that I do now enjoy art and appreciate it a lot more.

Rene Magritte

I can understand the relationship between personal experiences and the development of a work of art.