II can observe and describe a work of art in reference to its place in history.

I can see the connection between art, history and culture.

Artist Name: Alfred Kubin

Born: April 10 1877

Died: August 20 1959


I can discuss a work of work of art based on its elements and principles of design.



Reflective Writing:
I originally chose this piece because I loved the way the sketch blended together. I like the mystery and weirdness the artist chose to show in this piece. It's original and mysterious. My favorite study would have to be the value study, because I loved figuring out my darks and lights in this piece, it was a challenge, but was very fun and I learned a lot during this value study. My least favorite study would have to be Shapes and spaces, only because the piece is originally black and white(pencil drawing) I didn't like that I had to choose color to put on this piece. It just didn't look right. This project has helped me look at this piece differently by showing me it's not just a drawing. It's a drawing within one. I learned there were lines, and I learned the difference of darks and lights. Before, I would of just said it was a black and white sketch. But now it's so much more than that.

I can understand the relationship between personal experiences and the development of a work of art.

Mask Project, Reflective Writing:

For this project I decided to go with things that are close to my heart that I love. On my mask, there are three colors; red, yellow, and green. The red is for the blood of all living things in the world. The gold/yellow is for all of the treasures in the world that people cherish. The green if for the earth that people walk on, to which Rastas feel a special connection. These colors represent the Rastafari way of life. They were often proudly displayed by Bob Marley, one of the leading people in the rastafarian movement. Next, there are piercings on the lip, because I believe that piercings are amazing. They show your style, and beauty. Piercings complete me, and my style. Lastly, if you look at the eyes, it says, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." No one exactly know who was the first to say this amazing quotes. But it means, though your belief that beauty is part the opinion of the person is true, that phrase actually means that 'Beauty is subjective.' Beauty is an image that is pleasing to the eye, I.E. If an individual doesn't like the color blue, VanGoh's "Starry Night" isn't exaclty an attractive piece of art. The phrase is most commonly used to explain off individuals taste in body types. Tall, short, blonde, redhead, brunette, fat, thin, big chest, small chest, bard bodied, soft bodied, facial hair or clean shaven.
The background is basically self explanatory, it's a mixture of different things I like, for example some of my favorite bands, and tv shows, and some good and bad memories of my past. My journey from when I first began sketching out what I wanted to do totally changed in the end. In the beginning I wanted to do something along the lines of my fears(clowns, spiders, death). I had some problems along the way, and decided, "Why not do stuff that I love?" The decisions that I made for my mask and background I loved. It ended up being everything that I could of asked for. I don't think I'd do anything differently to my mask. I'm happy with the work I've done, and I will carry it with me through life on my different journeys.