I can observe and describe a work of art in reference to its place in history.
I can see the connection between art, history and culture.


Tamara De Lempicka
May 16th 1898- March 18th 1980
Polish Art Deco.

I can discuss a work of work of art based on its elements and principles of design.

--Reflective Writing
Back in the beginning of this class, we were asked to choose a painting you like and begin a study on the painting and its artist. I didn't really have an idea on what I would choose, but then I stumbled upon the painting named, Dormeuse, by
Tamara De Lempicka. I had never heard of her work before, but I liked the way how her paintings looked warm and inviting, and the way she painted the woman, she made her look almost real. I just found the painting really pretty.
Out of all of the studies we were to do on this painting, my favorite one out of them all was the value study. I liked how I got to paint the different shades of darks and lights and all the other grays in between. It really showed me where the shadows were in the painting, and what parts of her body were hit directly by the light. It really helped me understand what the artist went through to make the painting look the way it does.
Of course, with a favorite, comes a least favorite. That would have to be the clay study. It wasn't hard making the painting in 2 diminutional, but making it 3D with clay was so hard. It would have been different if I was making a flower out of clay, but making a person? One of the most difficult things to do in art class, in my opinion.
With spending weeks and weeks on this project, it has really opened my eyes on the importance of art and what the artists go through to make some of the most amazing pieces of art! There is a lot of thought and processing that goes into a painting, figuring out what shapes interact well together, what colors are lines blend and what they do to tell the story the artist is trying to create. With this project showing me how much strategy goes into creating just one piece of art, I give a lot of respect to all artist, and to all the creations they make with their hands, as well as their minds.

Photo_on_2012-04-13_at_09.26.jpgthe mask.
Photo_on_2012-04-13_at_09.26_#2.jpgthe showcase the mask will me in.

Something me and my friends do in the summer time is have a Pretty Little Liars night/marathon. It is one of our all time favorite tv shows, found on abcfamily. My mask itself is going to be painting all black, with a messy red "A" painting onto the middle. All the "A" will be the text messages that "A" send to the girls all through out the show. Those messages will be writting in either silver or white sharpie, the the "A" at the end of the text being red. The for the showcase, I am going to make Alison, the dead girl's, coffin with her name, date of birth, and date of death. That will be painting black, with a note from "A" written in red. Then you will open the box to find my mask laying in pink satin, around it will be a cell from with a message from "A", a shovel that buried her, the missing flier for Alison, and on the other side will be the shows name and theme song.

I can understand the relationship between personal experiences and the development of a work of art.

My Mask

With my mask, I didn’t really know what to do with it. I thought up different ideas, but in the end I found, what I think, the perfect theme! I decided to do a “Pretty Little Liars” mask. Pretty Little Liars is a tv show that is on abcfamily every Monday night. During last summer, and in the winter of this year, me and a group of friends would meet at one of our houses and have ‘Pretty Little Liars’ night. Those nights were always full of different, great, memories that I will cherish forever!
For my mask, I chose to do a black background, with paint, and a big “A” written out across it in red paint. Then all over the mask and around the “A” would be different texts that “A” had sent throughout all the seasons, written in silver sharpie marker. That was the easy part, but the hard part was the box it would be displayed in. I thought up different sketches and how I would make something that ties in with the theme. In the end I decided to make a coffin, which ties into the death the t.v. show is based upon.
After deciding what I was going to do, it was a walk in the park with finishing my mask, which was easy. And then the coffin, which was hard to make, but with involving math I was able to make a beautiful coffin. I am very happy with my mask and the display that it is in. I found that it was very creative and unique in its own way and screamed “ME!”