Hunter Brisbin
I chose Juan Gris as my artist to study because his paintings were very different from any art I’ve seen before. Instead of it being a single image of something like a landscape, person, or other things that don’t quite make sense; it’s an image made of simple shapes that make an object or person even though it doesn’t quite fit together (and)or is not a single shape.
Value Study
This was an easy part of the project sense the shapes were already separate there wasn’t any need for any shading other than mixing the paint itself. The hardest part about the value study was the abundance of different shades needed to fill every shape.
Shape and Space Study
This was the most revealing in the painting of how the shapes fit together but aren’t supposed to make sense of the image created (the clown) by making the shapes stick out from each other. The hardest part about the of the shape and value study was that the shapes were very long and fragile and would easily rip if any tension were to happen on either side.
Clay Tile
The Clay Tile was by far the most challenging part of the artist study. It made me realize how flat it is already and if there was any shape to raise above the other’s it would make the clown not even show in the painting unless looking from directly upward. It was very hard to make the tile look three dimensional and still make the clown appear.