I can observe and describe a work of art in reference to its place in history.
I can seethe connection between art, history and culture.


Artist- Salvador Dali

Born- May 11, 1904
Died- January 23. 1989

I can discuss a work of work of art based on its elements and principles of design.
Photo_on_2012-03-12_at_09.11.jpgLine drawingScreen_shot_2012-03-19_at_9.16.05_AM.pngDigital Study

Photo_on_2012-03-12_at_09.11_#2.jpgValue studyPhoto_on_2012-03-15_at_09.26.jpgColor shape andspace.

Reflective Writing,
I chose this piece because i liked the weirdness of the rose floating and though it would be kinda simple of me to do. My favorite study would probably be the value study because i enjoyed painting the darks and lights. My least favorite would be probably be the clay, because I had a really hard time making the rose and getting it to stay. This project helped me look at dark differently because i no realize that art it more than just lines on paper, its much more and has to do with shape,space,value and color.Photo_on_2012-04-16_at_09.24.jpg
I can understand the relationship between personal experiences and the development of a work of art.

Photo_on_2012-04-23_at_22.28_#4.jpgShy MaskPhoto_on_2012-04-23_at_22.28_#2.jpgCrazyPhoto_on_2012-05-09_at_09.37.jpgFinal Project
Mask Reflective Writing

I chose my mask, as one of them shy and the other more outgoing and crazy. I chose it because, I can be so shy and quite but also I can be outgoing and loud and fun.
I started out not knowing what to do. Then I started thinking about my personalities, and how I could be, and I thought that it would be cool to have a shy and crazy mask. Also to hang them back to back and have them spin. But that didn’t work well, I didn’t know how I was going to do it, so I eventually just decided to put them on a board and paint the back ground instead of hanging them. I decided to split it up and paint one grey with light lettering and one bright pink with lime green lettering. And wrote words like that are on my mask. For the mask I know how I wanted them to look for the start, so they were really easy to complete when I got the stuff.
Over all I’m really happy with what came out with my mask and I d think they are successful! I don’t think I would do much of anything different I’m happy with it as it is know.
Photo_on_2012-05-29_at_09.31.jpgZentangled Hands

I started out not knowing what word I wanted to use for this. I knew it needed to be 5 letters and was still struggling with what word. Finally I thought that I would do my name, well a nickname, Jader. So after I started my word, the hand were not much of a problem for me, they came quite easy to me. The zentangling was more of a challenge with trying to figure out what to draw and what would look best. So after thinking and help from the internet I found some really cool things. The the decisions I had to make where what zentangles to use and what word and what to shade and what to cool black and keep white, they was kind of confusing at points. I didn't really have a problem with the zentangles, just what to use and stuff, but other than that I enjoyed the process.