Artist Study

Objective: To research a well-known artist and to present information to the class. Presentations may be presented using technology resources or in a traditional format such as poster, mobile, etc. All projects must include general information from the research worksheet including a picture/painting of the artist (if available), the focal artwork and 3 additional paintings by the artist. The focal piece will be sketched by your classmates, so please place it first in your presentation or post it directly on your page. All presentations must be posted to the class wiki.

Technology Presentation Resources:

Glogster- Digital Poster Making Website New Glogster-like site.
Prezi- Alternative "PowerPoint"-like Presentation Application
Voicethread- Interactive Presentation
Google Presentation
iMovie Video (Interview) converted to a Quicktime

How to Login and Upload Focal Piece:

How Embed Your Presentation and Use for PowerPoints:

Glogster Posters
Traditional Posters
Mock Website
Youtube Video