Watch the following video regarding the need for change in the education system:

Respond to the following questions:
1. Do you agree that the American public school system needs to be reformed? Why or why not?
2. Based on the information presented in the video, how would you reform our school?
3. Many schools are beginning to experiment with the idea of passing students ONLY when they achieve certain benchmarks. A system no longer based on age. The more motivated students could graduate early and begin their college careers, less motivated students, or those with limitations would be allowed more time and help as needed to a achieve the benchmarks. It is possible you could stay at a certain grade level for more than a year, if you were struggling. Your thoughts on this idea.
4. Discuss the benefits of the arts in education.
5. What was the most interesting concept presented in the video and why?

Please post your responses under your name under the discussion post:
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